The expedition

What to wear
The weather in Ireland can be really changeable. It so happens that the morning is beautiful and warm with clear sky and in just a few hours time it starts raining. You have to be prepared for such circumstances. Good water and wind proof clothing is a must as well as watertight and warm boots. These are the only necessary things that you have to bring on the expedition.

We offer:

  • Pike fishing (fly fishing, trolling, casting, dead bait)
  • Ferox trout fishing (trolling, lure casting)
  • Brown trout fishing -river / lake (lure casting, trolling, fly fishing)
  • Salmon fishing - river / lake (lure casting fishing, trolling, fly fishing)
  • Perch fishing (lure casting)


I prepared everything for my Guests from A to Z. It is enough for you to arrive in Ireland and I take care of the rest. I do the following: 

  • pick you up from the airport
  • drive you to your accommodation
  • buy the license
  • take you fishing in the best spots at the time provide a warm meal during fishing. Full board is also possible (including breakfast, packed lunch and half-board) 


  • For our guests we have a comfortable hotel.
  • Each room is equipped with private bathroom and TV, and a special room for possible dry clothes.
  • The hotel has a restaurant and a traditional Irish pub in the evenings you can enjoy a Guinness or a glass of the best Irish whiskey.
  • kitchen
  • bedroom
  • bathroom
  • salon
  • anteroom


Generally, everything you need is provided as part of our boats’ equipment. At our guests’ disposal are high quality rods and reels plus a huge selection of lures of all types - ranging from off-the-rack to hand-made designs specifically created to work on our fisheries. . If you feel like bringing your own favourite equipment, be it rods or your trusted and tested lures, you are most welcome to do so.


Fishing Ireland’s guides have big and comfortable fishing boats fully equipped with electronic gear (sonar, GPS, fishery maps etc.). The boats we use are the fastest among those used by Polish guides in Ireland. It is significant as the lakes where we fish are huge and fishing spots are often a few kilometers apart. There is also all the essential equipment to safely handle your fish - all types of clippers, pliers, a mat for secure positioning of the fish, special bags for weighing, and rubberised landing nets. Naturally, the boats are geared with safety equipment - automatic life jackets, a lifebuoy, a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher. In case of emergency our guides are well prepared to help you and intervene with first aid. Also, for our guests we provide hot and cold beverages on board.

Photo equipment

Fishing Ireland’s guides make a complete photographic documentation, free of charge, which is then given to our clients so that they can enjoy the memories of the expedition for a long time.


Fisheries you can angle at are selected and located all over Ireland. They are chosen depending on the season and the kind of fish our client wishes to catch. The fact that we cooperate with local fishing guides, people from the fishing industry and many friends we made here in Ireland lets us be in the right place at the right time. If a fishery fails to provide we move onto another one - there are plenty of possibilities. Our mobility turns into fishing results which makes us an unmatched model for copycats.

Join me on a fishing expedition in Ireland.

Jacek Gorny