11/24/2016 - 12:23 By: Jacek Gorny

Perch fishing

Today perch fishing. Great weather and a lot of fish! Most perch 30-35cm size. There were a few 36-39cm.
In recent times, many people ask me what equipment I use for perch. It's a good time to answer this question. Depending on the conditions, I use three sets.
1 set - Rod Dragon CXT 1.90m, 1-12g. Reel Dragon Team Dragon FD920iZ Braid 0.10mm
2 set - Rod Dragon Force Nano Spinn 15, 2.13m, 2-15g, Reel Dragon Fismaker II 1125. Braid 0.12mm
3 set - Rod Dragon Moderate 1.98m, 7-21g, Reel Dragon Fishmaker TiFD 1125i. Braid 0.13mm 

With The three sets I can catch perch almost everywhere.

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