12/11/2018 - 20:00 By: Jacek Gorny

L.baits / Yarie Trout AREA CUP Ireland 2018

On 1th and 2th December the L.baits / Yarie Trout AREA CUP Ireland 2018 competition took place. The best anglers fishing for trout took part in the competition. Competitors from Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Ireland. The competition took place in twenty, 30 minute rounds. In total 744 trouts were caught.
I defended the title and after a very difficult fight (especially on the first day) I was able to win! Altogether, I caught 76 trouts, finishing at the same time as the only player with fish in each round. Below is the exact scoring (first five):
1st.Jacek Rafał Gorny. 50.5 + 42 ....... 92.5 points ... 76 fish
2nd.Aleksandrs Trifonovs.58 + 60 ....... 118 points ... 62 fish
3rd.Tomek Kurman.43 + 78.5 ............ 121.5 points ..... 65 fish
4th.Steven Powell.68 + 82 ................. 150 points ....... 49 fish
5th.Dawid Kaperek.98 + 62.5 ........... 160.5 points ...... 53

This tournament is very difficult. It requires many things from the angler. Starting from knowledge of fishing techniques, correct fight with fish and ending with very important skills... It's about full focus. It is not easy when there are as many as 20 rounds. Personally, I also had to fight with myself. To see exactly every bite, I was fishing in a kneeling position... Believe me, it's not easy when you have to do it all 10 hours...

At the end the most important:
Big congratulations to all participants. Thanks to the stiuards. Super thanks to the company Fresh Water Predator Fishing 
Congratulations for Aleksandrs Trifonovs for second place and Tomek Kurman for third position.
Huge thanks for sponsors:
DRAGON Fishing Equipment
Duo Hook
Vass Waders & Rainwear
Seapower UK
Baltic Lifejackets
Thanks to you I can fight with the best competitors and win!
Super thanks to Anna Skibinska for great photos!

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