09/27/2018 - 19:56 By: Jacek Gorny

Jeroen from belgium

This time my guest was our regular client. Jeroen from Belgium. We came across a very harsh weather week. The powerful winds of one day forced us to go to a small river with trout. Joren was delighted ... Stalking as during the hunt and beautiful fish from a tiny river made up for the lack of pikes that day. On other days we took up fishing for big pike and perch. Both species did great. Unfortunately, we lost the biggest fish. However, it was possible to tempt the pike - 109cm, 107cm, 106cm, 101cm and a lot of fish 85-97cm. There was also something amazing ... Fishing in trolling for four fishing rods we caught 4 fish at the same time! All in a good size! Something like this has never been on my boat before :-)

Generally very successful wekend. We still have days available this autumn. If you want to deal with large perches, or big pike, I invite you.

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