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Fishingireland.pl was set up in 2008. It's foremost goal is to show anglers how amazing Ireland is with it's waters full of big pike and record sized brown trout. Throughout the few years in business we have had a chance to meet some fantastic people – both anglers and tourists – who visited us in search for their fish of a dream. To our delight many of them keep coming back which motivates us to develop an even better offer and make sure our clients are happy. From the outset we have given all we had to provide the best possible service for our guests in terms of fishing opportunities as well as any other necessities of a fishing expedition. Apart from delivering a high level of fishing service we take care of important details and the setting of our expeditions, which is not commonplace. The guides leading our guests are expert predator anglers who gained their skills and experience taking part in fishing competitions for many years. Thanks to this they always fight for the best fish until the end of the expedition and never give up.
The company cooperates closely with a few of the leading fishing/travel agents in Europe. We always work with the best so that our clients are satisfied with both their fishing experience as well as service and setting that we offer.
Our clients are always led to the best fishing spots with the help of professional guides in fast and safe boats equipped with all the electronic appliances you need. We organize fishing expeditions for individuals and groups. There is always a friendly atmosphere which makes learning the newest angling techniques much more enjoyable. Just come to Ireland and we will take care of the rest.
If you are still wondering whether it is worth going fishing to Ireland – think no more! It will stay in your memory forever. Join us on a fishing expedition.

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