• Irish pike is a long story. People who have caught big pikes in other countries (Sweden, Holland, Germany) are often amazed by the physical prowess of the local pike. They say they are the strongest in the world. Favourable conditions have caused them to grow so much. When oneyou get to the right fishery you can often catch a few metre-long pikes off a single spot. You can catch an even bigger one any time. The struggle is always incredibly hard and dynamic with the fish darting away or jumping above the surface of water. Another advantage of the fisheries is that few local anglers set out to catch this species.
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  • The brown trout, as the name suggests, should live in brooks and streams. Ireland is one of the few places in the world where brown trout settled in lakes. Excellent conditions which it found there- the amount of food and water- caused the trout to grow tremendously. During the year a lot of fish exceeding 10 paunds are caught. They are called the Ferox, and the largest I have heard of was nearly 25 pounds! Nowhere in the world will you find another place where a 70 cm trout does not impress anyone too much!
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  • The Atlantic salmon is incredibly strong while being hauled and gives the impression of a torpedo which wants to demolish the river. It is agile, cunning, and gives incredible satisfaction after it is been caught. Big salmon spawning runs give us a chance to experience amazing moments and make us feel fulfilled anglers. The number of fish that enter Irish rivers to spawn is truly impressive and few places in the world can compete with Ireland in this respect.
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